Boat Design And Building

Carvel built or carvel planking is a method of boat building where hull planks are fastened edge to edge, gaining support from the frame and forming a smooth surface.. in contrast with clinker built hulls, where planked edges overlap, carvel construction gives a stronger hull, capable of taking a variety of full-rigged sail plans, albeit one of greater weight.. Scarano boat building designs sailing vessels, power vessels, historic replicas, and provides expert repairs and restorations. boat builders and designers since 1976.. Introducing: myboatplans – "instant boat building!" the complete boat builders resource. over 518 detailed boat plans, schematics, cutting patterns, material lists for all types of boats..

Design - Shallow Sport Boats

Design – shallow sport boats

Korey Ruben (Class of 2014) joins Sprindrift Ocean Rowing in Port Townsend, WA

Korey ruben (class of 2014) joins sprindrift ocean rowing in port townsend, wa

Inlet Runner 16 plywood garvey fishing boat

Inlet runner 16 plywood garvey fishing boat

Hughes "Spruce Goose"

Hughes "spruce goose"