Boat Plans Iain Oughtred

Iain oughtred. i don’t think that iain needs any introduction on these pages, but if you haven’t heard of him before, his small boat designs are regarded as being amongst the most sea worthy and beautiful of all the designs available for home builders.. This is a biography of one of the most influential boat designers in britain today. iain oughtred’s designs have won him world renown as a designer that produces beautiful boats with traditional roots that may be made by amateurs using modern techniques.. Iain oughtred is the well-known designer of elegant glued-lapstrake plywood boats, including the acorn skiffs, gray seal, caledonia yawl, whilly boat, and more..

BBA students build an Iain Oughtred Acorn Skiff |

Bba students build an iain oughtred acorn skiff |

BBA students build an Iain Oughtred-designed Whilly Tern –

Bba students build an iain oughtred-designed whilly tern –

Small open Scandinavian double-enders

Small open scandinavian double-enders

Whilly Tern - Port-na-Storm

Whilly tern – port-na-storm