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Handy andy, folding, rowing boat plans. this 10-foot folding boat is designed as a portable boat for camper, hunter, fisherman and outdoor man who wants a boat for use anywhere but without the bulkiness of the average rigid one-piece craft. it folds to a compact flat bundle that may be stowed aboard any cruiser, auto, airplane, loaded on a donkey,…. Seams are then filleted with epoxy filler and fiberglass tape, and the hull exterior then covered with fiberglass cloth. other than the gunnel rails and corner knees the boat is virtually complete. two of our easiest and quickest designs to build, drift prams let you reach fishing holes bigger boats must pass by.. This little pram is a hell of a good boat!" – dick wagner, the center for wooden boats. quite an endorsement for the portage pram…enough that we’re starting construction on our own portage pram immediately, and it’ll serve as lightweight tender to our 16-foot pilothouse sloop when we’re on future cruising adventures..

DIY pram dinghy construction

Diy pram dinghy construction

Guillemot Kayaks - Small Boat Plans, Kits, Instruction and Handmade Wooden Boats

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Eastport Pram / Build Progress Logs / Fyne Boat Kits Forum

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Four Prams for Sailing and Rowing

Four prams for sailing and rowing