One fun fact is the origin of the term lofting. in days gone by (before computers), lofting needed to be done near the boat building effort as the builders needed to frequently check lines and measurements. because the building site was both busy and dirty, lofting the boat on the building floor was far from perfect.. Lofting ready to lay a piece of plywood on top of the nail heads for transferring the frame shape from the loft floor to a pattern. lofting is essentially scaling up the three views on the drawing (profile, deck plan and body plan) to full size, preferably on a nice flat floor. books, and many chapters, have been written on the subject.. The aspect of constructing a boat which seems to be most terrifying to the amateur builder (and sometimes the professional builder tooling up for grp volume production) is the lofting of the lines. this is an irrational fear, probably born from the mystique which the professional loftsman has been known to wrap around his craft to protect his position..

Boat House - Rustic - Living Room - Philadelphia - by Hugh ...

Boat house - rustic - living room - philadelphia - by hugh

Christmas Wherry

Christmas wherry

Fantail Launch, by Bolger | WoodenBoat Magazine

Fantail launch, by bolger | woodenboat magazine

Building a Grand Laker-type canoe – Steve Reynolds blog

Building a grand laker-type canoe – steve reynolds blog

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How to transfer drawn wooden boat plans full size to the lofting floor. the mysterious art explained.. Free boat plans, boat plan resources, and free cad boat drawing file downloads. Designs of small boats, kayaks, canoes, and rowing boats and… Continue Reading

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