Ashcroft method has been pretty much replaced with double diagonal planking methods, though i find this to be slower and harder to do. ashcroft is not quite as strong, but both layers can be applied at the same time, which speeds up the build considerably.. Materials + kits good boats are built with good materials. choosing a kit supplier (all kits are not created equal) it is inevitable that you can find a facsimile of most good things. a cheap knock-off rolex is not a rolex and a cheap strip-planked boat kit is not a bear mountain kit.. Strips for strip planking are available pre-made or you can manufacture them yourself. the strips can have a wide range of density and geometry. in this article, i will discuss commonly used strip materials and geometry, and sources for and about strip planks and strip plank construction..

9 out of 10 Stripbuilders Recommend Paulownia | Building the microBootlegger strip kayak

9 out of 10 stripbuilders recommend paulownia | building the microbootlegger strip kayak


Dumas #1271 rusty the shrimp boat scale 1:24

Barracuda 23' open cockpit sportfisher boat design for plywood or aluminum

Barracuda 23' open cockpit sportfisher boat design for plywood or aluminum

History of the Whitehall Rowboat Part III – Whitehall Rowing & Sail

History of the whitehall rowboat part iii – whitehall rowing & sail

Yawl Boat Plans

Chesapeake marine design offers a wide range of products and services in boat design and engineering including stock boat plans, custom yacht design services, computer aided design, and boatbuilding and yacht construction support.. Steve redmond boat plans:. sailboats, powerboats, fast… Continue Reading

Model Skiff Boat Plans

Gator boat co. wooden boat plans, build your own skiff, dory, duckboat, sneakboat or plywood johnboat.. Classic wooden boat plans is a growing collection of established plans that are ready to be printed and then laid out for full size… Continue Reading

Plywood Dory Boat Plans

See details on the epoxy plywood boat construction process of our outboard dory 18! view power dory boat plans for materials, specifications, and more.. Sweet caroline a 20′ dory / skiff; flat bottom dory-type, developed for sheet plywood planking. designed… Continue Reading