November 2017 passagemaker articles-here’s a link to this wonderful article featuring devlin boat’s latest build, the kingfisher 33, and on sam’s lifelong quest. Designers, plans & kits a to m: 16' mckenzie river driftboat plans and construction manual (from altair industries, ft. collins, colorado); adirondack guide boat (cedar strip adirondack guide boat kits, north ferrisburgh, vermont); advanced multihull designs (amd, high speed passenger and vehicle ferries); aeromarine research (tunnel boat design books and software). Helmsmen marine is a semi custom boat builder who specilizes in fiberglass family fishing boats. we currenty offer semi custom boats from 15 to 21 feet and custom to about 35ft..

picnic boat – Devlin Designing Boat Builders

Picnic boat – devlin designing boat builders

Amak Tugboats – Devlin Designing Boat Builders

Amak tugboats – devlin designing boat builders

tugboat – Devlin Designing Boat Builders

Tugboat – devlin designing boat builders

Dipper 19 – Devlin Designing Boat Builders

Dipper 19 – devlin designing boat builders

boat plans devlin

Devlin designing boat builders 2424 gravelly beach loop rd. olympia, wa. 98502 (360) 866-0164 email sam devlin Sam devlin designs that are primarily motor powered, from smallest to largest. you can find everything from duckboats to cruising yachts here..… Continue Reading

Devlin Wooden Boat Plans

Wooden boat plans developed by a boat design expert & naval architect. all boat plans come with free 3-d computer models & free master boat builder course.. Baby bootlegger. this iconic racing boat was originally designed by george crouch in… Continue Reading