Clark craft offers hundreds of boat plans, design patterns, and a full line of boat building supplies and accessories for the amateur boatbuilder.. Green valley boat works canoe and kayak plans for sale we sell plans for contemporary, high performance canoes and kayaks from a full range of designs by john winters.models which are available in both standard paper plans and in electronic format include the kite, kipawa, kipawa s+g, winisk, osprey, mattawa, cirrus, barracuda, quetico (check out the new photos of the quetico), north canoe. 16' san juan dory, a flat bottom planing skiff of rather elegant lines, for outboard motors of between 10 and 20 hp.plans are us$75.00. 16' fly fisher, a flat bottom specialized flyfishing skiff, for oar, electric, or outboard motors of about 2 hp.this much sought-after boat is designed to be light, simple, and have no line hang-ups..

DIY Woodboat Building Questions

Diy woodboat building questions

HOUSEBOATS | Custom Houseboat designs

Houseboats | custom houseboat designs

Skeeter Bass Boat Restoration #1 - YouTube

Skeeter bass boat restoration #1 - youtube

Used savannah 26 catamaran for sale - savannah demo

Used savannah 26 catamaran for sale - savannah demo


Rc Boat Plans For Sale

Plans for a wave powered model boat motor. this wave motor will propel a 3′ model boat at rowboat speeds in a light fresh water chop. wave motion opens and closes underwater vanes propelling the boat.. Fastest rc boats for… Continue Reading

Aluminium Boat Plans For Sale

We have boat plans that can be built in plywood, wood, grp/frp/fibreglass, steel, aluminium, and ferro-cement. check out our construction methods page for information on choosing the right method for your chosen boat and your level of expertise.. all hartley… Continue Reading

Catamaran Boat Plans For Sale

Aspen power catamarans is the world leader in high speed displacement catamarans with an efficient power proa hull design. the company builds 28′, 32′, and 40 ft. inboard cruisers and yachts in a modern facility at the burlington airport business… Continue Reading