The pm-38 plans for the "pm-38" free motorboat plan first appeared in the august 1962 issue of the "popular mechanics" magazine. it was named the pm 38 because the magazine claimed that it could, not only be built in 38 hours, for a materials cost of a mere $38 (1962 prices) but would, when launched, do 38 mph.the one pictured was built by mark, in harpers ferry, west virginia.. Below are free plans from the web for building a plywood boat. over 40 free plans. boating is full of thrill and adventures, and you will be glad to make it a part of your camp plans. you can make a plywood boat easily and without spending too much. but be very careful while you build that you are building a safe boat. choose from one of the. Free boat plans. a selection of free boat plans that can be viewed and/or downloaded. these free to download wooden boat plans (pdf) were first published in magazines such as "popular mechanics", "popular science" and the "boat builder’s handbook"..

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Argie 15. Plywood Sailing Dinghy

Argie 15. plywood sailing dinghy

1961 Modified H-28

1961 modified h-28

Deck Beams and Carlines in Classic Wooden Boat Construction.

Deck beams and carlines in classic wooden boat construction.

boat plans with cabin

Glen-l has set the standard for boat plans for decades. all of our plans are intended for the amateur. it is not necessary that you have any experience with blueprints.. Dory cabin plans: 5 different cabin plans all in one… Continue Reading


Plywood Cabin Boat Plans

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Wooden Boat Plans Cuddy Cabin

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Wooden Boat Plans Cuddy Cabin

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