Build a folding table and get the handiness of extra table space with fold-up convenience for storage. large, small, rustic or finely crafted, you're sure to find a folding table plan for every room in your home. browse through this extensive collection of folding table plans to find a table that's just right for your space.. Boat part number 1077728 is a new table top for a premier pontoon boat, part number 70000953. model and year unavailable, may be used on other boats. part manufactured by jet technologies, part number.... Im figuring it weighs around 300 lbs. i did test it in water with 3 fat dudes with a combined weight of 650lbs and before fiberglassing it.... the water level was not at a desirable level.(it was stable but it couldn't hold any more weight, like a motor or fuel safely ) so i took it apart and added 3 more layers tall, 2 layers wide and added 2 ft to the length of each pontoon. roughly giving.

Scuttlebutt: Tim Fallon launches his new catboat "Kathleen"

Scuttlebutt: tim fallon launches his new catboat "kathleen"

Small Trimaran Design | Home Page

Small trimaran design | home page

2017 SX24 Premium Swingback Pontoon Boats by Bennington

2017 sx24 premium swingback pontoon boats by bennington

2017 G22 Stern Radius Pontoon Boats by Bennington

2017 g22 stern radius pontoon boats by bennington

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