The florida reef (also known as the great florida reef, florida reefs, florida reef tract and florida keys reef tract) is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental united states. it is the third largest coral barrier reef system in the world (after the great barrier reef and belize barrier reef). it lies a few miles seaward of the florida keys, is about 4 miles (6 to 7 km) wide and. Leaves of grass by walt whitman come, said my soul, such verses for my body let us write, (for we are one,) that should i after return, or, long, long hence, in other spheres, there to some group of mates the chants resuming, (tallying earth’s soil, trees, winds, tumultuous waves,) ever with pleas’d smile i may keep on, ever and ever yet the verses owning—as, first, i here and now. The water in the dead sea is saltier than any ocean because the water that drains into it evaporates in the hot sun, leaving behind the salts. a body is more buoyant in such salty water, making it easier to float. the dead sea is a lake, not a sea, because it is completely surrounded by land. true seas are always connected to the ocean by a channel. floating on the dead sea god of the waters.

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