The plans offered at this site are free public domain boat plans. choose a category at the left, choose your boat on the following page, and after filling in some information the plans will be emailed directly to you. how to build these boats: your free plans are supplied by e-boat inc. , a company that specializes in amateur boat building. Dumas 1239 typhoon kit dumas brings the excitement of the roaring 20s mason, owner of the new england boat & motor co. the construction is a double-planked hull with birch plywood on the inside and mahogany strip planking on the outside. When you get started, you're gonna realize that all those years building little model boats are just practice for building the real thing. and it will be like finding your soul mate. incidentally, my cc zephyr is a kit boat and from the plans and instructions that i found archived at the mariner's museum, went together just like a dumas kit. ok.

Enlarging Boat Plans

The volume of the stern is carried backward and is truncated, then sweeps into a fixed rudder.the rudder makes tracking excellent. the swept sides of the rudder create a surface that is an asset in surfing.. The wa chee we,… Continue Reading