The box is quite water damaged with a little mildewing, but the contents seems to have been spared for the most part. the plans are pretty much toast because of getting wet, the ink smeared quite badly. no biggie, i can order new plans from dumas for about $25.00.. Dumas typhoon dumas brings the excitement of the roaring 20s with a 1/10th scale model of the typhoon. our exact scale model is based on a full scale reproduction built by mark mason, owner of the new england boat & motor co. the construction is a double-planked hull with birch plywood on the inside and mahogany strip planking on the outside.. What's new here? - hardware software dvd movies. use keywords to find the product you are looking for..

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Jolly boat plans | free boat plans top

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The volume of the stern is carried backward and is truncated, then sweeps into a fixed rudder.the rudder makes tracking excellent. the swept sides of the rudder create a surface that is an asset in surfing.. The wa chee we,… Continue Reading