Kurt Hughes Multihull Design - Catamarans and Trimarans ...

Kurt hughes multihull design - catamarans and trimarans

Bear Cat power catamaran

Bear cat power catamaran

Crab Claw Plywood Catamaran: Design

Crab claw plywood catamaran: design

Cesdy: Found Building a plywood boat cabin

Cesdy: found building a plywood boat cabin

Plywood Catamaran Boat Plans

Boat plans, boat kits 400 to choose from; bruce roberts; boatplans; boat kits; steel boat plans; aluminum boat plans; fiberglass boat plans; plywood boatbuilding plans, wood epoxy boat plans; boat designs; cut to size kits. Boat plans by mike waller… Continue Reading


Catamaran Sailing Boat Plans

Bruce roberts; has aluminium and fiberglass boat plans for large catamarans schionning designs has plans and kits for cats, trimarans and a keelboat. from wooden boat magazine plans for a 20 ft trimaran.also a sailing outrigger canoe; kurt hughes has… Continue Reading


Large Wood Boat Plans

Occre san ildefonso 1:70 scale wood & metal large model Stonington boat works: hyrdoplanes Dh 550 plywood cruising catamaran A good old fashioned shed building thread (picture heavy

Duck Boat Plans Plywood

Lisa b good Building the duck barge boat – assembling the frames – 7 Tornado catamaran creating guidelines from 1979 | plywood Duck boat dog ramp plans ~ plans for boat