The result was the glen-l full size pattern system of boat building. in short, we do the lofting, to save you time, effort, and to prevent errors. it has taken a lot of time and experimentation to develop our pattern methods, but if you have ever tried to build a boat the “old way”, we know you’ll feel it was worth the effort.. The boat being used for our discussion is an 18' dory with a hard chine, flat bottom and knuckle. the example here is a full size half pattern. this is fairly typical for larger boats as printing full patterns will spool off a lot of paper and it is not necessary for the making of the frames.. These plywood boat plans and more are available for purchase, and come with full size patterns. how to build a plywood scarf jig. we use a one inch piece of plywood, two 2x4s and a half inch piece of plywood on the sides to create the angle. the center plywood is screwed to the 2x4s and the sides are fastened on an angle. we generate the angle by knowing the length of the scarf is three inches for the 3/16″ thick plywood..

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