Hartley 21 - Hartley Boat Plans

Hartley 21 - hartley boat plans

Any more thoughts about the Pelegrin, please?!

Any more thoughts about the pelegrin, please?!

Scamp 14 - Study Pack - Hartley Boat Plans

Scamp 14 - study pack - hartley boat plans

Boat Hull Colors | Fiberglass Sailboat Hulls For Sale ...

Boat hull colors | fiberglass sailboat hulls for sale

Hartley Wooden Boat Plans

We have boat plans that can be built in plywood, wood, grp/frp/fibreglass, steel, aluminium, and ferro-cement. check out our construction methods page for information on choosing the right method for your chosen boat and your level of expertise.. all hartley… Continue Reading

Hartley Plywood Boat Plans

All boat plans for sale on this website have been designed by richard hartley, colin brookes and their associates. genuine hartley boatplans and samson boatplans are only supplied by hartley-boats.com, new zealand.. Links to boat plans, some free boat plans… Continue Reading