Catamaran and trimaran boat plans make it a reality to build your own catamaran or trimaran. multi-hulled sailing vessels are a special class of boat. a very different mind set is required when thinking about sailing a multi hull, let alone getting your head around building one.. The builder claims about 900 hours and he has done enough of them to know. his first one was in the seventies. the ply is covered in glass and vinylester underwater and topsides and most deck. inside is done in wattel epoxy timber treatment.. Building catamarans and trimarans; share your experience, learn from others. in partnership with the coastal passage: this site will feature building projects from as great a variety of materials and build methods as possible..

Kurt Hughes Multihull Design - Catamarans and Trimarans ...

Kurt hughes multihull design - catamarans and trimarans

Trimaran Kit About Us Page | Build Your Own Trimaran

Trimaran kit about us page | build your own trimaran

Largest ever sailing catamaran | Yellow & Finch Publishers

Largest ever sailing catamaran | yellow & finch publishers

Jonathan Crinion Ocean Racing

Jonathan crinion ocean racing

Small Catamaran Boat Plans

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Catamaran Bait Boat Plans

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