Looking for "towboat kits? there's only a few kits to choose from and also a small number of "basic hull - kits" too. and there are sets of plans from other sources to be found as well.. Plastic bags and clay from the craft store are easy ways to make a quick mold around a part that you want to pot. to pot a 100 amp solenoid relay i first sealed any small holes with rtv gasket sealer, then i put the solenoid down in a zip lock bag and warped it with tape to keep it somewhat conformed to the shape of the solenoid.. First off, this is my first post, i've been reading here for a few years and finally registered. i've been looking for an affordable boat project lately, and all i keep finding are boats without titles..

Build Jon Boat Decking Plans panga boat building plans | pdffree ... | panga | Boat restoration ...

Build jon boat decking plans panga boat building plans | pdffree | panga | boat restoration

20′ Custom Cobra. Tunnel Hull with Plastic – Custom Weld Jet Boats

20′ custom cobra. tunnel hull with plastic – custom weld jet boats

Diy Airboat Plans - DIY Projects

Diy airboat plans - diy projects

Build Floating Docks in Virginia Beach, VA | Stuff | Floating boat docks, Floating dock, Boat dock

Build floating docks in virginia beach, va | stuff | floating boat docks, floating dock, boat dock

Aluminium Speed Boat Plans

Waverunner 24. steel or aluminum semi displacement hull boat plans & full size frame patterns see more : coastworker 25 wood epoxy, steel or aluminum, fiberglass. displacement or semi-displacement or planing hull boat plans & full size frame patterns. this… Continue Reading

Aluminium Boat Kits And Plans

Boat plans, yacht designs and boat kits for boats built from wood epoxy, plywood, fiberglass, steel and aluminum, boats plans for round bilge, multi-chine and radius chine boats, from dinghies to cruising sailboats and power cruisers, rowing shells, boatbuilding advice… Continue Reading