LIMBO-Amazing Houseboat + Fabulous Location - Lake Union ...

Limbo-amazing houseboat + fabulous location - lake union

42-foot Mirage Houseboat

42-foot mirage houseboat

323 Sq. Ft. Modern Houseboat with Rooftop Deck

323 sq. ft. modern houseboat with rooftop deck

Houseboat Floorplans | Timber Bay Lodge & Houseboats, Ely, MN

Houseboat floorplans | timber bay lodge & houseboats, ely, mn

Free Houseboat Plans

Building a steel pontoon houseboat Adorable (and super functional) micro houseboat 40 foot shantyboat / houseboat Adorable (and super functional) micro houseboat

Wooden Houseboat Plans

Building plywood pontoons and longtail boat engines out of Build a boat steering console | boats | sailboat plans Trailerable houseboat plans – google search | houseboat Floating tiny house

Wooden Houseboat Plans

Anyone have plans for a small wooden houseboat…25′ or less with a hull approximating the shape of the old flatbottom school boats used in louisiana in the old days.. «berkeley eastman is well-known for the mini tugboat plans and houseboat… Continue Reading

Plywood Houseboat Plans

Boat plans for a 25′ houseboat made from plywood for the amateur boatbuilder.. 7/2014 charter cruises on this boat ("darwin") on the kalamzoo river, in michigan!. 25′ house boat river walker. a river walker, stretched to 30′. a good idea!… Continue Reading