Leeboards existed in china from at least the eighth century on warships that "held the ships, so that even when wind and wave arise in fury, they are neither driven sideways, nor overturn". leeboards used to stabilize the junk and to improve its capability to sail upwind, are documented from a book by li chuan.. On my old butterfly catamaran (from 1986) i used these “inside” outside boards. but i wanted to share pictures here of the “little tri” that is owned by hans, who has a good eye for good photos. he is sailing his boat in holland. as in most cases, there is nothing new under the sun.. As a result only one of these pivoting leeboards is needed on the boat, it works on both tacks, where the tradional loose leeboard only works on the lee tack so two are required. in truth these pivoting leeboards aren't really leeboards but are more like centerboards mounted outside the hull..

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Apalachicola maritime museum news

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