Micro Cruiser Boat Plans

Sam devlin produces a lot of plans. most of them, he makes available for anyone to build. this is where you can see his designs that are available as plans.. The micro folding dinghy is based on one of matt layden’s early folding dinghies; however it incorporates some of matt’s ideas as well as a few of our own to create a. Whisper , a modified "star" beach cruiser. this is our 1955 star, olympic one design racing sailboat that i bought for $500 out of a farmers field..

Why I chose to build a Paradox microcruiser | Graduating to a smaller boat

Why i chose to build a paradox microcruiser | graduating to a smaller boat

best-pocket-cruiser Images - Frompo - 1

Best-pocket-cruiser images – frompo – 1

Matts boats

Matts boats

josephine – Devlin Designing Boat Builders

Josephine – devlin designing boat builders