Mini Tunnel Hull Boat Plans

Boat building plans for the dillon laker 14 recreational tunnel boat, a high-performance powerboat from dillon racing.. This category is somewhat arbitrary, like many in our catalog. many of the inboard designs have outboard options and there are designs in the cruiser and work boat. The hasty hydro is a true “3-pointer” with only the front sponsons and the extreme aft end of the hull actually touching the water when this firecracker is up on.

Surfboard Hull Design | Panning Hull | Mini Simmons Design

Surfboard hull design | panning hull | mini simmons design

Rc Airboat Hull Plans submited images.

Rc airboat hull plans submited images.

Boat Plans – Boat Construction For the DIY Enthusiast ...

Boat plans – boat construction for the diy enthusiast

Rc Airboat Hull for Pinterest

Rc airboat hull for pinterest