These badass modern boat designs make me want to set sail and never step foot on land again. the yachts, powerboats, houseboats and luxury cruise ships featured here look like they were designed as part of a ocean re-beautification project.. The development of the family of small offshore capable sailboat plans : chined hull for the highest stability, vertical lifting keel, trailerable, suitable for club racing or cruising (two interior versions) , plywood and epoxy hull with the radius chine system, sparkling performances while sailing and reasonable interiors for coastal cruising.. “modern flat bottom boats work heavily in rough seas” because the center of floatation is not coincident with the center of buoyancy. the centroid of the floatation (waterline)plane, which is the pitch axis of the vessel, is not over the center of buoyancy..

Sailing Terms: Sailboat Types, Rigs, Uses, and Definitions -

Sailing terms: sailboat types, rigs, uses, and definitions -

Berckemeyer Yacht Design | plans for modern and classic sailing yachts

Berckemeyer yacht design | plans for modern and classic sailing yachts

Top 25 Classic Boat types - Classic Boat Magazine

Top 25 classic boat types - classic boat magazine

Brian Pearson’s photos of the latest Boat Building Academy student launch |

Brian pearson’s photos of the latest boat building academy student launch |


Marisol Skiff Boat Plans

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Boat Plans Denmark

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Easy Boat Plans Free

Welcome to spira international home-built boat plans. spira international offers a wide variety of different power, rowing, and sailing skiffs, dories, and other boat designs that are simple to build, rugged and seaworthy.. Thai inspired longtail boat; free stitch and… Continue Reading