14 4.2m skiff; radoslaw werszko; sailing/rowing boat; ply plans; dinghy.pl 14 bayou skiff; uncle johns; skiff; ply plans; uncle johns 14 black skiff; mark wallace; rowing; ply plans (free); mark wallace shipwright 14 chesapeake sharpie skiff; chapelle; skiff; wood plans (free); duckworks. 14 ducksiff; steven lewis; skiff; ply plans (free) duckworks. "maiden voyage" of "teleleu" , construit dupa planurile lu' radoslaw werszko, o barcutza excelenta, usor de construit si manevrat . un skiff de 4.2 m , cu greement cat , vela tip marconi de 6 m. Hi, having followed the discussions on this forum as well as on boatdesign.net for quite a while, i'm now infected by the boat-building-virus. i'm currently planning (or due to lack of expertise: searching for plans of) a car-toppable sailing dinghy in the 4..4,3m (13.1..14.1ft) range. my first idea was to build a goat island skiff (gis), but after having bought the plans and a decent thinking.

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