Stitch And Glue Amas

The clc sailrig adds outrigger hulls to convert a kayak (or canoe) into a sailing trimaran. this outfit makes a delightfully practical sailboat.. We’ve adapted our canoe-shaped rowboat into a performance sailing vessel. this is a very versatile boat that includes a full length sleeping chamber, seven. Characteristics. length: 3,01 m design: paolo lodigiani chine hull, stitch and glue construction round hull, strip planking construction building skills: amateur.

Canoe Outrigger (Amas and Akas)- 25 February 2012 to present

Canoe outrigger (amas and akas)- 25 february 2012 to present

Fold 6 plywood trimaran by Dudley Dix Yacht Design

Fold 6 plywood trimaran by dudley dix yacht design

Solo16 S w

Solo16 s w

Sardine Run Trimaran Demounted & Trailered

Sardine run trimaran demounted & trailered