Stitch And Glue Hints

Thank you for visiting. this educational site is brought to you by nordic needle, inc., a supplier of needlework and embroidery materials since 1975.. Hints and tips page 15 what glue should i use? click on any of the thumbnails below for a more detailed photo. Permalink. what a brilliantly simple idea! can’t wait to make one for my rather crowded sewing room..

Hints & Tips for Sewing with Ribbons | Inspirations… Stitch by ...

Hints & tips for sewing with ribbons | inspirations… stitch by

Featured Project: Glue Heart Suncatchers Click to see magazine article ...

Featured project: glue heart suncatchers click to see magazine article

Paper Party Candy Cup made from folded paper, how to make paper crafts

Paper party candy cup made from folded paper, how to make paper crafts

Pine cone crafts; Thanksgiving pine cone turkey

Pine cone crafts; thanksgiving pine cone turkey