Stitch And Glue Nesting Dinghy

… a made-to-measure, stitch & glue, nesting dinghy. i can certainly see merit in stitch and glue for those that are not interested in formal boatbuilding,. Take apart boats. a boat is like a swan, pt watercraft has a nice nesting row boat stitch and glue boat, that can be sailed.. Chameleon a multipurpose nesting dinghy for amateur construction chameleon is built in the "stitch and glue" plywood/epoxy technique. the plywood.

Nesting Pram

Nesting pram

Carina's Specifications

Carina’s specifications

Hatch installation instructions HERE

Hatch installation instructions here

The first PT 11 Nesting Dinghy kit has been cut as of April 15th and ...

The first pt 11 nesting dinghy kit has been cut as of april 15th and