Stitch And Glue Solo Canoe

Flywood – fast rowboat length: 491cm (16’ 1”) beam: 122cm (48”) design displacement: 135/225kg (300/500 lbs) waterline length: 480/485cm (15’ 9”/15’ 11”). The lapstrake canoe is an ancient craft. in its recreational form it had already reached a very high pitch of refinement by the 1880’s, in the hands of artisans. The sassafras 12 canoe is so light that you can put it on your shoulder and stroll casually down a wooded trail to a hidden lake or stream, fishing rod and tackle box.

2011 Welsh Brook 13 Solo Canoe – Clear Stream Custom Water Craft

2011 welsh brook 13 solo canoe – clear stream custom water craft

... 14' Solo Canoe - a present-day interpretation of the birchbark canoe

… 14′ solo canoe – a present-day interpretation of the birchbark canoe

Kirk's own design" 14 ft.

Kirk’s own design" 14 ft.

Clark Craft Boat Plans and Kits

Clark craft boat plans and kits