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Stitch or stitches may refer to: stitch (textile arts), a single loop of thread or yarn in the textile arts: backstitch, in which individual stitches are made. Animal glue, or more specifically, hide glue, is a truly reversible adhesive which makes it very common in book restoration projects and is readily available online. Design your very own robot hand complete with bendable fingers using simple craft materials and a little bit of creative engineering..

Sample Longstitch binding through a slotted cover

Sample longstitch binding through a slotted cover

Stitch and Glue – Wikipedia

Stitch and glue – wikipedia

Learning to sail in a Heron, West Lakes, South Australia

Learning to sail in a heron, west lakes, south australia

Secret Stitch and glue kayak uk | Antiqu Boat plan

Secret stitch and glue kayak uk | antiqu boat plan