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Re: trip planning jan 10, 2018, 10:22 am 3 cites including jet lag on arriving, transportation between cities, checking in and checking out of hotels, getting ready to fly home, gives you less than 3 days per city.. Didn't plan on it, but wife, pittsburgh boat sales, and everyone else that helped! grantz. buff & wax, chris craft 381 catalina (109) navigation. Answer 1 of 15: hi advisors, this is my plan for next sat 28th: i start around 9:00 am in monument valley for page. hopefully reach by 12:00. i have to.

Planning your trip. a glassy expanse in front of you, have your vessel’s mechanics and electronics inspected to guarantee that your boat will make the trip.. How to plan a weekend trip on a boat. a glassy expanse in front of you, a companion alongside you, and the weekend ahead of you – it's what boating is all about.. So you have decided to take a few days off and head out on a long boat trip. as you picture your upcoming vacation, scenes unfold in your head like a film. by makin.

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