A fenwick williams catboat carefully reinterpreted in cedar strip. includes cleaner structure, optimised foils and a tabernacle rig that allows raising of the mast by one person. built by david wilson at duck flat wooden boats in adelaide.. The backbone construction did little to resist these forces and there is a story circulating around the yards of new jersey of the boat having been dropped at some time. in any case gravity alone could account for the deformation of the hull. aside from the structural issues the plans show how the boat had changed over the years.. Tom cat is a shoal draft catboat of plank-on-frame construction, but strip construction would do as well. loa - 12'6" beam - 6' plans include 9 sheets..

Devlin Oysta 30 for sale

Devlin oysta 30 for sale

Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co., Est. 1899 - Maggie's Farm

Cape cod shipbuilding co., est. 1899 - maggie's farm

Catboat Tom Cat | WoodenBoat Magazine

Catboat tom cat | woodenboat magazine

Daysailers - Wittholz 14' 11'' Catboat

Daysailers - wittholz 14' 11'' catboat

Plywood Catboat Boat Plans

168-1. wanted: thomcat 15 (menger 15/daysailer). any condition, damaged, and/or neglected. i plan major modification for handicap access and disabled use.. A scow, in the original sense, is a flat-bottomed boat with a blunt bow, often used to haul bulk… Continue Reading