For materials. stranded wire will not work. one day i decided to make a stitch and glue kayak. you will need some thin plywood. just be sure it is capable of unfolding curved surfaces. stitching the shapes together with wire. so you can take the curved panels you design and flatten them out for the plywood. 30 ft of 6 oz. delftship.. Cirrus - 17.5' x 22" ( 5,33 x 0,558m) the inspiration to build the ultimate hard chine, stitch and glue kayak was all too easy. to instill a plywood kayak with some of the nice characteristics of its wood strip cousins took some creative tweaking but the effort paid off and i just couldn't be happier with the cruiser that was born.. How to make water-tight flush hatches for cedar strip kayaks or other hand-built watercraft. i have done it this way on several cedar strip kayaks i have built and the hatches have yet to leak..

2012-03 “Mustang” Wahoo Sea Kayak – Clear Stream Custom Water Craft

2012-03 “mustang” wahoo sea kayak – clear stream custom water craft

2011 Welsh Brook 13 Solo Canoe – 63 – Clear Stream Custom Water Craft

2011 welsh brook 13 solo canoe – 63 – clear stream custom water craft

F1430 Fishing kayak | Bedard Yacht Design

F1430 fishing kayak | bedard yacht design

Stitch and Glue Kayak - Español

Stitch and glue kayak - español

Stitch And Glue Kayak Kits

Wooden kayak, canoe & row boat kits . pygmy wooden boat kits are lightweight, rugged & beautiful. we pride ourselves on our award-winning designs, excellent customer. A capable high performance sea kayak built using the stitch and glue method. Stitch-and-glue… Continue Reading