In 1978 a group of enthusiasts lead by raul lando fitted radio equipment and the rg65 was born. in 1999 the present rules were written which offered a greater liberty by way of rig design, the maximum sail area increased to 2250cm2 and the maximum mast height to 110cm.. Ultralite radio yachting : - rm / 10r /a carbon tube sections iom / rm / rg65 carbon rudders iom / rm carbon fins , ballast sail winches & sail arm + drums r/c system ,chargers , batteries servos & recevier boom sections boom section- kits & boom parts gooseneck - vangs hull & deck parts joysway rc yachts & parts fasteners - screws , bolts etc covers radio & boat & gadgets rigging & related. The rg65 class started in argentina and has spread to other south american countries and from there to spain and there is growing interest in france and germany. it basically is a class for boats whose loa is 65 cm, with a rig height of up to 110 cm and a maximum sail area of 2,250 cm2. it produces a manageable sized boat, with good performance and that uses standard 2 channel radio gear with.

FP3 FREE PLANS for Marblehead - See details for weblinks [FP3] - It's Free! : Radio Sailing Shop

Fp3 free plans for marblehead - see details for weblinks [fp3] - it's free! : radio sailing shop

Rg65 Model Yacht Plans

Rg65 model yacht plans

FP4 FREE PLANS for 10 Rater - See details for weblinks [FP4] - It's Free! : Radio Sailing Shop

Fp4 free plans for 10 rater - see details for weblinks [fp4] - it's free! : radio sailing shop

Free Plans: RC-Sail Ship

Free plans: rc-sail ship

Rc Ice Boat Plans

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Easy Model Boat Plans

Easy-to-follow wooden boat plans available for instant download. boat building can seem like an overwhelming task. how can someone take a boat design, follow the boat plans and turn it into a gorgeous sailing vessel he can be proud of?.… Continue Reading

Beginner Rc Boat Plans

Crowley 19 (model boat plan) three sheet plans at 1:24th scale for a vintage ‘gas powered’ san francisco tugboat, built 1913. full model data including hull frames and deck details, for a planked timber hull, single screw electric powered.. Ages… Continue Reading