Matthias pliessnig's extraordinary amorphous furniture has its unlikely roots in the history of wooden boat-building. while studying at the university of wisconsin–madison, pliessnig, fellow student benjamin wooten, and professor tom loeser embarked on a project to each build a simple skiff for 2011, white oak and bamboo, smithsonian. Top: boat plans: ship and boat plans from the smithsonian ship and boat plans from the smithsonian historical and orginal plans by chapelle, h. v. sucher, hamms, and more.. Name of collections: the smithsonian’s national museum of american history has howard i. chapelle’s published and unpublished drawings; plans in the historic american merchant marine survey; harry v. sucher’s plans from his v-bottom and flat-bottom boat books; the maritime administration collection of ships (1937-1970), and naval plans from many nations, periods and delineators..

Smithsonian Air & Space at Dulles Airport

Smithsonian air & space at dulles airport

Model Boat Making

Model boat making

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