Tinkerbelle ii, left, is a close copy of original, above, in which robert manry crossed the atlantic. mechanix illustrated tinkerbelle ii the inmanry, summer of 1965, robert a 48-year-old cleveland, ohio newspaperman, made a singlehanded, 78-day, 3,200-mile crossing of the atlantic ocean in a 13-1/2-ft. centerboard sailboat named tinkerbelle.. I greatly enjoyed robert manry's book "tinkerbelle" that details his crossing of the atlantic in a small 14 foot "day-sailer" type sailboat. i was drawn to it because i own and sail a 14 foot sailboat on local fresh water lakes... Tinkerbelle was a modified whitecap class sloop built by the old town canoe co. manry added a cabin to this otherwise open boat. but to the present - the new tinkerbelle 2 is an adaptation in some respects, an improvement on the original..

Robert Manry

Robert manry

Photo of Robert Manry in his orginal Tinderbelle.

Photo of robert manry in his orginal tinderbelle.

The Unlikely Boat Builder: First Things First

The unlikely boat builder: first things first

Robert Manry - Wikipedia

Robert manry - wikipedia

Plywood Mullet Boat Plans

Note – in the particulars for each design, the dry weight is given for guidance only and will vary depending on the grade/density of plywood and solid. 14 tinkerbelle2; glenn r. bartel; reproduction; ply plans; midwest engineering. 15. 15 darcybryn,… Continue Reading