15′ Sailing Dinghy - Stirling & Son

15′ sailing dinghy - stirling & son

30' Halibut Ketch, Traditional Small Sea-going Motorsailer. Steel or Wooden Construction. Sail ...

30' halibut ketch, traditional small sea-going motorsailer. steel or wooden construction. sail

12′ Clinker Dinghy - Stirling & Son

12′ clinker dinghy - stirling & son

Humber keel Daybreak made flagship of the year – intheboatshed.net

Humber keel daybreak made flagship of the year – intheboatshed.net

traditional boat plans uk

Wooden and plywood boat plans for amateur boatbuilders – excellent performance, simple construction, detailed step by step instructions for boats, canoes and. Boatbuilders specialising in traditional boats, restoration of traditional boats and classic yachts. Boat plans, boat designs, traditional boat… Continue Reading


Stitch And Glue Wood Boat Plans

Stitch-and-glue construction, along with the development of epoxy and modern mahogany marine plywood, has revolutionized and revitalized wooden boat building. this method of building is not only stronger, lighter, and faster than traditional wooden boat building, but it also takes… Continue Reading


Model Boat Plans And Kits

Model aircraft plans by cayton vintage models. original selection, traditional drawings. Aerographics auster j4 balsa aircraft kit g321 wooden balsa model kit | hobbies Katie (gaff rig pilot cutter) – by david alderton – sarik hobbies – for the model… Continue Reading

Boat Building Wood Plans

Boat shelf how to diy download pdf blueprint uk us ca australia netherlands. | diy small wood boat Single scull "boanne" Spira boats – boatbuilding tips and tricks Traditional maritime skills :: making frame-timbers for a smack

Rowing Boat Plans Uk

15′ hazel guide bateau based upon the american adironack guide boat, this craft combines traditional lapstrake (clinker) construction with modern materials. the bottom is a flat piece of 3/8’’ ply slightly rockered fore and aft and the five strakes are… Continue Reading