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25′ tug boat plans chrome lovers and speedsters, steer clear of this jaunty craft. but if you’re after a good, honest boat with character—welcome aboard. i have always had a fascination with these harbor and ocean going boats that work so hard. my fascination was even deeper when i saw th… Redwing 34 tug originated as a custom design, or more specifically a redesign of the redwing 34 with a traditional tugboat style.the client wanted an economical and easy to build hull with a separate pilothouse. the hull form is proven to be efficient to power with an inboard diesel consuming one gallon per hour at 7 or so knots.. Mini tugboat plans and houseboat plans by berkeley eastman. these boats are guaranteed to bring smiles of joy to those around you! also offering hehr rv windows.

tugboat Archives - Free Ship Plans

Tugboat archives – free ship plans

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Steam tug archives – free ship plans

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Rc model archives – free ship plans

Rapid Whale Mini Boat Kit

Rapid whale mini boat kit